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Joint workshops with authorities and returnees have been organized during this year

Belgrade, 28/7/2008

A cycle of 3 joint workshops with local stakeholders and returnees took place in 4 municipalities Zrenjanin, Knjazevac, Kikinda and Pozarevac.
Zoran Panjkovic, Counsellor for help and protection for vulnerable migrant population, Agency of Human and Minority Rights; Milan Budimir- SDF and Drago Kovacevic - SDF, facilitated Workshops. Local coalition in these municipalities has been established. Local coalition consisted of the representatives of local stakeholders and returnees discussed action plan and suggested to local authorities what changes have to be made to help returnee’s reintegration. Example- In Zrenjanin municipality representatives of local National employment agency Mr Miklos will also be a part of local coalition and he will try to ensure some employability programs for returnees. Mr Miklos will initiated the cooperation with other local National employment agency from Serbia aiming to the transfer of know how and best practices within the repatriation and reintegration process of returnees. We are also hoping that Center for social welfare will ensure logistic support in work of local coalition, but we are still waiting for their answer.
Also local coalitions in all three municipalities suggested to local authorities to support finance Center for social welfare so that they can deal with most urgent returnees case in local.
Also action plan has been created in each municipality. Representatives of returnees and local stakeholders decided who it will be local leader and most response persons for action plan implementation. Local leader is authorizing person from local coalition to make different step forward in local community regarding better returnee’s integration. In Knjazevac local leader is also a part of local authorities because he is a member of local parliament. He will have office in municipality were returnees can get all relevant information and suggestion for their problem. We also had serious problem in conduction of all training in Knjazevac. Few local ultra-nationalist radical groups didn’t wont any more returnees in Knjazevac municipality. They have organized signing of petition against returnee’s integration in Knjazevac municipality. More then 1500 citizens signed petition against returnee’s integration at territory of their municipality. They also have their representatives at the meeting. We tried to explained them what is it purpose of this project and how they also need to help to returnees reintegration in local society. They talked about difficult economic situation in Knjazevac, lack of job and perspectives for young people. They also sad that was several multi nationalist incident in their community and that they are worried for their children.
We had very good cooperation with relevant state institution (Ministry of interior and Office for human and minority rights) in solving these problems. These radical groups are still active in Knjazevac but they don’t have such huge influence.
Mr Nikolovski Aleksandar president of local NGO Vanesa will be local leader of coalition and he will coordinate activity of local coalition in Zrenjanin. We discussed action plan (list of returnees problems and possible solution). Returnees Ngo Vanesa will try to advocate together with other members of local coalition returnees problem in front of local institutions. Valuable information could have been provided since the Returnees Ngo Vanesa had a close contact with the returnee groups as well as with the local communities. The information what Returnees Ngo Vanesa get from the field during direct contacts with the beneficiaries in the Zrenjanin can serve as a base for this advocacy initiatives. Local Coalition is in synergy with similar regional actions and involves various sectors’ stakeholders in order to bring as much know how from different areas who are relevant for the solving returnees problem.


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U saradnji s portalom "Banija Online" SDF Beograd, članica Koalicije udruženja izbjeglica u Republici Srbiji, omogćilo je posjetiocima pravnoinformativne tekstove u vezi propisa Republike Hrvatske kroz projekat:



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